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Can You Customise A Leased Car?

Can You Customise A Leased Car?
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It's no secret that leasing a car has grown in popularity over the years. The reason for this is due to one of the key benefits of leasing a car - it is more affordable. However, drivers who may not know about car leasing, or they're contemplating leasing a car for the first time might not know just how flexible leasing contracts can be. Simply put, leasing a car allows you the freedom to cater your contract to your budget - allowing you to get the best deal possible within monthly payments that you feel comfortable towards. At Lease Your Car, we are frequently asked 'can you customise a leased car?' In this post, we will shed some light on this topic. 

Can You Customise A Leased Car? 

In short, yes, you can customise a leased car with us at Lease Your Car. Once you have selected the car you prefer for either personal or business use. Scroll down the page past the vehicle information tab, below this you will see a multitude of options that you can choose from. It is worth noting however, depending on the additional options you choose - this may result in your monthly payments costing more. 

Should you wish for other specifications, addions or options to your new leased car that do not feature in the options - you can contact us as you get your quote to raise your requested additions to your vehicle. 


What Can I Customise With My Leased Car? 

Whilst browsing the various vehicles that we have available, some of the options that we have availabe are listed below: 

  • Exterior Features - Exterior Features allows you to choose various options regarding the look of your vehicle. The solid paint will always be free, whereas other specifications will vary in price. For example, a Matt paint finish could see an additional £13 being adding to your overall monthly payment. Whereas, should you require a special solid paint - this could cost over £5. 
  • Interior Feature - Interior Features allows you to customise specifications within your newly leased car. For example, air conditioning will always come free - but should you want to implement a high centre console for example. This will cost you extra. 
  • Packs - Packs with cars such as the Fiat Panda Hatchback allow you to install enticing additions with things such as heated seats or a heated windshield (found in the winter pack). 
  • Paintworks - Paintworks are often the most exciting customisable options for vehicles. Usually, the cost of the paintwork will contribute to the rarity or the implementation of the paintwork. For example, choosing metallic, matt or a bi-colour matt finish will all vary in price. 
  • Trims - Our trims are often free, however, there may be some options that will require additional costs being added to your contract so it is always worth checking prior to signing the contract. 
  • Wheels - Should you wish to have your newly leased vehicle to come with a spare tyre - you can do so, however, this will come with an additional cost. 

Does Leasing A Van Have Any Different Customisation Options? 

Often, our vans do have similar customisation options to our cars. However, our vans do host various options regarding safety. With options ranging from front passenger airbags, driver and single front passengers curtain and side impact airbags - along with driver and front passengers side imapct airbags. Depending on the vehicle, we do host various driver conveniences such as sat navs, tyre pressure monitors and rear parking sensors (the latter of which is free). 

We do also host various technical upgrades that might suit your requirements. With implementations such as conversion interface box and upgraded battery and alternator. We also offer technical data aspects for each of our vehicles. For example, with our electric vehicles - you can browse the battery capacity, charge type(s), the battery type, emmisions and general performance and test cycles. 

If you are unsure as to what leasing a car is, let us explain: 

What Is Car Leasing? 

Leasing your car is rather similar to renting a car. The reason for this being similar is due to the fact that you are using a particular vehicle for an agreed period of time. This can anywhere between 24, 36 or 48 months. This allows you to choose the vehicle make, model and even specifications such as the trim and colour. In order to receive a quote to lease a personal car - you will need to complete the initial information: 

  • Lease Type - the type of contract you are interested in.
  • Term - how long you wish to lease the vehicle for. 
  • Initial Rental - how many months do you wish to pay as the initial rental?
  • Annual Mileage - the number of miles you travel per year. 
  • Maintenance - do you wish to include vehicle maintenance or maintain yourself? 

Once these steps are completed, a member of our team will contact you regarding your enquiry. 

Get Started Today 

Now that you have read through our guide to leasing a car, why not our other post of Why Lease A Car Instead of Buy. Alternatively, why not get in touch with us by giving us a call, email or filling out our contact form. We would love to hear from you.