Lease Your Car

Car Leasing Liverpool

Whether you’re in need of a car for business or you’re looking for a car lease for private use, you’re sure to find the perfect car that matches your requirements with us. At Lease Your Car, we can provide you with a variety of cars available for lease at competitive rates.

We offer lease options on both cars and vans - including a wide range of brands with a variety of different features. We also have electric cars and hybrid options available, which is the way forward in the vehicle world.

We offer a full range of products and services that can cover all aspects of vehicle rental, vehicle funding, short team lease, vehicle maintenance, and fleet management - so we’re fully equipped to meet your needs whatever they are. We have relationships with many leading brands in the industry, so we can offer you great deals and unique packages - and you can reap the benefits of big fleet buying power.

However, we don’t have any allegiance with any particular manufacturer or finance company, so you’re sure to receive quality impartial advice and the best competitive rates available to you.

Liverpool Car Leasing Service

Liverpool is one of the most bustling cities in the UK - not only is it home to the Beatles, LFC (Liverpool Football Club), Everton and the famous scouse spirit, but it’s home to Lease Your Car.

There are countless businesses in the city - so whether you plan on leasing your car for your business or for personal reasons, we can help you find the ultimate car that matches your requirements to lease.

Whether you live in Liverpool or the surrounding areas - the Wirral, Chester, or even Manchester, we can provide you with our quality car leasing services. You can find our office at the Box Studios, 17 Boundary Street, L5 9UB - near the Bramley Moore Dock.

This location is super easy to drive through -
simply drive along the dock road and you’ll find us in no time. If you’re catching the train from Liverpool City Centre or from Southport, then get off at the Sandhills stop. 

What Is Car Leasing?

Car leasing is essentially renting a car for a set amount of time, paying monthly as part of an arranged contract. The contract length can vary depending on which contract you choose, but they’re typically set between 2 and 4 years. You may have heard it referred to as ‘personal contract hire’.

You’ll simply be required to pay a deposit and then keep on top of the regular payments. It’s a more affordable way for you to drive your favourite car - it’s a great option if you’re unable to afford a full payment for your car. The first step is choosing the car you want to lease - the colour, features, brand, and in-car technologies.

Then, you’ll need to go through the finance options - decide on how long you want your contract, the deposit payment (initial payment), and annual mileage. There’ll be an annual mileage limit that’s pre-agreed - for example, 15,000 miles. If you go over the agreed mileage limit, you’ll be required to pay extra money upon the contract ending.

This will let you know your final initial payment and how much you’ll be required to pay per month. You’ll then need to complete the finance application and wait to be accepted.

Always check the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing to make sure you agree with the contract requirements. The final stage is receiving your car, and keeping up with the contract requirements.

You’ll need to give the car back at the end of the contract and make sure that it’s in an acceptable condition when it comes to handing it back. If you hand the car back damaged, then you’ll be expected to cover the cost of repairs.

Then you can find a new car lease contract - or even buy yourself. You may also be responsible for servicing your car throughout the contractual period - but the manufacturer may offer you a service pack. At Lease Your Car, we can offer you quality and affordable deals on a variety of cars and vans, from SUVs to hybrids, Tesla to BMW.

Why Should You Lease A Car In Liverpool?

Leasing a car may be a better option than buying depending on your current circumstances. First of all, purchasing a car can be a big commitment, whereas you’ll only need to commit to your leased car for a year or two depending on the contract length you agree upon.

It’s also a more affordable option - depending on the car, of course, the monthly payments are typically lower as you’re not paying back any principal. Typically, cars decrease in value after a few years - but leasing a car means that you can drive a car while it’s still new and trouble-free.

In fact, many of the latest cars will lose around half of their initial value after they’ve been used for three years. Choosing to lease a car instead of buying gives you more flexibility with your budget, and also gives you the chance to drive a car that you usually wouldn’t be able to afford.

You can choose between a variety of high-end and well-equipped models that would usually require a huge down payment and high monthly payments. Car leases are cost-effective, and you’ll simply pay a fixed monthly payment. Instead of a large deposit, you’ll pay a much smaller initial figure (typically the value of 3x monthly payments), instead of the full or a much larger amount.

There are new car models coming out all the time, and leasing can ensure that you stay on top of the changes, and you can regularly switch up to up to the latest models. Car leases often include up to date and late models that are usually covered by the manufacturer’s new-car warranty, saving you money. If you’re a business owner, you also may experience certain tax advantages when you lease a car instead of purchase.